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Panic Pest Control

The Finest Pest Control in Cyprus
Bird Pest Control
Birds Pest Control

Panic Pest Control was called out to these properties in Paphos which had a severe problem with birds on the roof. There was bird droppings everywhere:-( We cleaned up the mess and then installed wire and netting. Now the problem has been solved! If you have a problem at your property with messy birds then get in…

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Fly Pest Control Products

We now stock the latest electric fly filler machines. these uses are highly effective, Just affix it to your wall, connect it to a standard electricity supply and your done. The flies are attracted to it and then when they touch the unit, ZAP and they’re dead! These units are not only very popular in…

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Bees Pest Control

Imagine not visiting your garden store for a while, and then, when you do, you find that its full of bees! This property had an actually bees nest form in one of its cupboards!

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Bats Pest Control

We often get called out to look for the strangest problems. Recently we were called to look at a property where the owner complained of a noise coming from the roof. Upon inspection, we found bats!

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Woodworm Pest Control

Woodworm and termites eat the wood in your property and if left untreated, they lay eggs which spread and exasperate the problem. Below are a few photos of some properties where we found woodworm.

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Rats Pest Control

Rats can be found all over Cyprus, not only in rural areas but also in town centers, apart buildings and commercial premises. Below are a few photos of some rates that we have recently caught. As you can see, so of them are quiet big.  

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Bed Bugs Pest Control

We’re often called out to treat properties with bed bugs. Bed bugs are particularly nasty and if left untreated can spread. Take a close look at the photos below. This particular property for left untreated for quiet some time and as you can see, the bugs were everywhere:-(

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Snake Pest Control

Snakes are very common in Cyprus and are often found everywhere, from rural areas to town centers. Some species of snakes in Cyprus are poisonous and can kill if bitten! Hence if you see a snake in your home or place of work, contact the professionals, Panic Pest Control. Below is just a small example…

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Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeons can often become a very big nuisance with droppings everywhere. Here are some photos for some recent pigeon control works that we carried out by installing netting over the roof which deters the birds.  

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