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Rat Control

Pest Control Services

RatPanic Pest Control has the Expertise to Handle Your Rat Infestation

Rats can transmit a number of serious diseases. They can be very persistent and if rats gain access into your home or business they can spread disease, cause damage and contaminate food.

One pair of rats shed more than 1 million body hairs each year and a single rat can leave up to 25,000 droppings.

It is important to get help to remove a rat invasion from your home. Rats are not only a huge health hazard through carrying a variety of diseases, but can destroy electrical wires, potentially causing a fire hazard as well. If you’ve noticed these warning signs then you’ll need professional help from our rat control team to protect your home from the rodent invasion!

We have been operating in Cyprus for many years, delivering affordable rat pest control solutions. Our fully insured and licensed rat control experts in Paphos will quickly rid your home of rodents before they multiply and take over your home completely. Armed with top knowledge and expertise, we offer a discreet service tailored on your individual circumstances, so you have total peace of mind and a job done completed within your budget. Call today and request a quote to have all your rat removal needs taken care of to the highest standard!

Why Use the Services of Panic Pest Control?

Rats have rapidly become one of the biggest urban pests throughout Cyprus – you may well have seen them scurrying around your local area. Enlist our help today, and rest safe in the knowledge that we will examine your home to the smallest detail to expose any rat nests and habitation. Hiring Panic Pest Controllers is the perfect solution to rodent infestations!

  • Making a booking for rat extermination can easily be arranged at a time that is convenient to you – weekdays, weekends, bank holidays or even on the same day – for no extra cost!
  • Thorough inspection of pest activity
  • We are fully qualified and are approved by the Cyprus Health Authority
  • Our rat exterminators will thoroughly search every corner of your home or office to track down the areas where the rodents live, from inside the walls to the outside entry points
  • Range of customisable, targeted treatments
  • Depending on the type of infestation you have, our rat control team will always strive to use the most appropriate method of eradication which includes live traps and glue boards which will not harm you, or your pets in any way.
  • Safe treatments for your family and pets
  • We make sure you have further information and advice on how to avoid the re-emergence of rats into your home, and when appropriate, provide follow-up visits.
  • Scientifically tested solutions to ensure success
  • Our friendly and highly motivated staff will provide you with free consultation and quote over the phone
  • Expert prevention advice

Book the Best Rat Control Services in Paphos Now

Our customer service operators are waiting to take to your call on 99489888 now and offer you a free, no obligation quote. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have or, if you prefer, you can use our online enquiry form.